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Service system

Product Sales:

We will fully consider the needs of users, recommend appropriate products and configuration, give a reasonable price, to assist you to sign a contract, timely delivery and other aspects of the work.

In order to facilitate your use of our products, the company can send special personnel to the site for you to explain the use of detailed methods and precautions, and for each product is equipped with a detailed manual, inform you of the use of products and the solution of difficult problems, guide your operation.

After-sales service:

When you encounter all kinds of operation and fault problems in the process of use, you can timely contact our company (telephone, fax, E-mail), our company will give perfect technical support, for you to solve problems, when necessary, our company will send specialized technical personnel to service troubleshooting.

Jinkehui electronics aims at satisfying you, providing you with high quality products and ensuring perfect customer service. We are willing to sincerely cooperate with you, mutual benefit, and create a better future with you!

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