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Oil analysis testing equipment

Jkyx-1 insulating oil sludge precipitation automatic tester

Add time:2021-11-18  

 Main functions and features

1. Adopt 640x480 color touch screen, Chinese characters display interface, dynamic display determination process;

2. Full-screen touch screen button, intuitive and convenient operation;

3. High speed digital signal processing MCU, reliable operation, high precision;

4. Oil sample dilution, waste liquid collection, drying, cooling, weighing, calculation and other measurement processes are automatically and intelligently completed;

5. Can store 100 measurement data;

6. Thermal micro printer, printing more beautiful and faster;

7. Standard RS232 interface, can communicate with computer.

Main technical indicators

1. oven temperature: 105℃±2℃

2. Weighing accuracy: ±0.2mg

3. Weighing sensitivity: ±0.1mg

4. Repeatability: ±0.02% (mass fraction)

5. Reproducibility: ±0.03% (mass fraction)

6. Ambient temperature: 20℃ ~ 30℃

7. Relative humidity: <65%RH

8. Power supply voltage: AC220V±22V

9. Power frequency: 50Hz±2.5Hz

10. power rate: <500W

11. Overall size: 815*560*540mm

12. Weight: 35kg

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