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SF6 gas detection equipment

Jkhs-1 SF6 exhaust gas recovery device

Add time:2021-11-18  

 Main functions and features

1. 800x480 color touch screen, Chinese characters display interface;

2. Full-screen touch screen button, intuitive and convenient operation;

3. Double safety explosion-proof measures, using diffused silicon pressure transmitter and high pressure valve as active safety measures, spring safety valve as passive safety measures, to ensure the safety of operators;

High speed digital signal processing MCU, intelligent control of recycling, processing process, reliable operation;

Aluminum alloy box portable structure design, easy to carry, suitable for field operation.

Main technical indicators

Pressure range: 0 ~ 10kPa (gas recovery unit); 0 ~ 2.5mpa (compression processing unit)

Gas capacity: 20L (gas recovery unit); 80L (Compression processing unit)

Ambient temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C

Relative humidity: <85%RH

Power supply: DC7.4V (gas recovery unit); AC220V±22V (compression processing unit)

Power: 30W (gas recovery unit); 2kW (Compression processing unit)

Dimensions: 520*265*495mm (gas recovery); 585*345*480mm (compression)

Weight: 13kg (gas recovery); 22kg (compressed)

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