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Oil analysis testing equipment

JKJQ-6 Insulating oil dielectric strength tester

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The main functions and features
1,This instrument using microprocessor,six cups of a body,automatic booster, maintain, stirring, static discharge, calculating, printing and so on, can do oil cycle withstand voltage test in the range of 0 ~ 80KV or 0~100KV.
2, Color LCD touch screen easy to operate by touch LCD screen.
3, The instrument has the advantages of simple operation, the operators only need a simple setup, instrument will automatically set in accordance with 1- 6 oil sample pressure test. Each oil sample, each breakdown voltage value and the number of cycles will be automatically stored,after completion of the test, the thermal printer can print out the breakdown voltage value and average value.
4, Maintain power down, can store 100 experimental results, and can display the current environment temperature and humidity.
5,Using single chip microcomputer control constant speed boost,voltage frequency accuracy to 50HZ, makes the whole process easy to control.
6,With overvoltage, overcurrent, limiting protection, in order to ensure the safety of operators.
7,with a temperature measurement display function and system clock display.
8,Standard RS232 interface, can communication with computer.

The main technical indicators:
1,Applies to GB/T507-2002, DL/T429.9-1991 and DL/T846.7-2004 standards.
2,Output voltage: 0 to 80KV (optional),Special Requirement:0 to 100KV
3,Voltage distortion rate:<3%
4,Boost speed: 0.5 to 5 KV/S (adjustable)
5,Static discharge time: 15 minutes (adjustable)
6,Boost interval: 5 minutes (adjustable)
7,Boost number: 1 to 10 times (adjustable)
8,Booster capacity:1.5 KVA
9,Accuracy of measurement:±3%
10,Power supply voltage: AC220V ±10% 50Hz ±1 Hz
11,Power: 200W
12,Suitable temperature: 0 to 45 degree celsius
13,Suitable humidity:<85%RH

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