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Dc resistance tester troubleshooting method

Add time:2021-11-15  

Dc resistance tester is often used in power work, this instrument is the ideal equipment for dc resistance of lateral transformer winding and high-power inductor equipment. Some faults may occur when using this instrument, so how to solve the problem after encountering this fault.

The resistance value cannot be measured when using the DC resistance tester

There are two reasons for the phenomenon that can not be measured. The switching power supply is broken and there is no current output. This reason may be the power supply is damaged. The second reason is that the set value exceeds the equipment range. If this is the case, we just need to restart the instrument and select the resistance or current within the range to measure.

Two, DC resistance tester on the start of the burn insurance

In general, the high voltage will burn out the built-in transformer, resulting in the normal use of the instrument; If the current of the direct resistance meter is above 20A, then the reason is the switching power supply. When there is a burning insurance situation, we only need to replace the transformer or switching power supply in time to normal use, in the maintenance of equipment, there must be a professional engineer in the field to disassemble the equipment, if there is no such condition we need to return the equipment for maintenance.

Three, dc resistance tester in the process of testing screen

Dc resistance tester flower screen possibility is the internal line contact is poor. At this time, we need to shut down and check whether the wiring is loose. Reinforcing the wiring can solve the problem. Of course, this is the common reason, and there is another possibility that electromagnetic interference leads to abnormal screen display. If this is the reason, we need to contact the manufacturer and ask them to add a filter capacitor for you.

Of course, the above are equipment reasons, there are some problems outside the equipment, such as unreasonable operation methods and storage methods will also cause equipment damage. In the process of use, can not touch the LED screen with high temperature things, before testing to check whether the input interface fixture is normal. In addition, keeping the equipment dry and clean is also an effective way to extend the service life. There are special requirements for testing equipment measurement, and the equipment is corrected once a year, so as to ensure the accuracy and stability of the measurement value.

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