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What are the measurement methods of DC resistance tester?

Add time:2021-11-16  

Dc resistance tester is the use of 320*240 color TFT display screen, DC resistance tester 0.05% of the basic accuracy, can be used for coil, inductance, transformer, voice coil, conductive film (cloth), heating core, contact resistance, fuse, relay, printed board line resistance, welding hole resistance, plug resistance, metal detection, etc., Dc resistance testers can also be used for automated equipment testing. Mechanical pointer adopts ultrathin tension-wire structure with strong seismic capacity. The mechanical pointer can easily observe the change range of insulation resistance, and the dot matrix LCD screen can guide the user to operate the instrument and obtain the measurement results. Insulation resistance measuring instruments, often called megohmmeters or high resistance meters, are widely used to measure the insulation resistance of generators, motors, power transformers, wiring, electrical appliances and other electrical devices (such as control, signal, communication and power cables).

They are often used in routine maintenance procedures to indicate motor insulation resistance changes over months or years. Large changes in insulation resistance may indicate potential failure. Therefore, regular calibration of megohm meters is required to ensure that the meter itself has not changed over time.

Dc resistance tester performance characteristics:

1, fast test speed: the instrument large output charging current up to 3A, measurement can effectively compensate the large inductance equipment current inertia, accelerate the core saturation, thus shortening the charging time, improve the test speed, than the traditional instrument single, double arm bridge several hundred times faster.

2, high accuracy: dc resistance tester in addition to the use of advanced four terminal measurement method, but also the use of advanced constant-current power supply technology, so that the charging current to maintain a relatively stable value, stable resistance to sense, strong anti-interference ability, thus ensuring the measurement accuracy. And the use of imported high-quality components, the measurement results of high accuracy, good repeatability.

3, wide measurement range: resistance measurement range of 1 ~ 2K, wide range.

4, AC and DC dual use: the instrument attached rechargeable battery pack, AC and DC power supply, portable design, easy to use and carry. Dc resistance tester has the characteristics of lightweight, portable, easy to operate, safe and reliable. It can measure the dc resistance of all kinds of transformers and rotating mechanical devices. It can also measure the low DC resistance at the junction and control line. The DC resistance tester can also check the proper operation of the on-load tap converter, including the closure of the circuit breaker operation and the measurement of contact resistance.

Instruction for DC resistance tester

The switch must be reset before the transformer no-load inverter.. At the end of the discharge, the discharge sound ends, and then the switch is switched after the message disappears.

After the test, press the reset button and wait for the discharge indicator to turn off and the warning message to disappear before turning off the power supply to disconnect.. . Please cut off the power supply or the test clip will fall off during the test.

Please connect the ground wire before switching on the power supply, and remove the ground wire after the test.

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