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Ac and DC high voltage measuring device (voltage divider) product characteristics

Add time:2021-11-16  

The balanced equipotential shielding structure is adopted, and the first-class electronic components are used inside the completely sealed insulated cylinder, so that the whole device has the characteristics of accurate testing, good linearity, stable performance, reasonable structure, easy to carry, simple operation and intuitive display, so it is an ideal instrument for field measurement.

1, high precision

AC, DC: 1.0% and 0.5%; Is the renewal of high voltage electrostatic voltmeter products;

2, safe and reliable

The device is composed of high pressure measuring part and low pressure display instrument. When working, the high pressure part and the low pressure instrument are separated, and the work is safe and reliable.

3, convenient reading

The device by the high voltage divider upper pressure equating cover for the high voltage end, can be directly connected to the measured high voltage, the lower end has a special grounding end, for grounding use, with a special cable to connect the high voltage divider and low voltage display instrument, and select the corresponding voltage and limit can start measuring, reading is kV number;

4. Easy to carry

The portable structure of the device, the whole machine uses aluminum alloy packing case as the casing, easy to use and carry.

Technical parameters

Voltage grade: AC (DC) : 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 (kV)

Partial pressure ratio: 1000:1

Accuracy: AC 1%DC 0.5%

Temperature coefficient: 0.02%/℃

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