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What are the characteristics of three-phase electricity meter on-site calibrator?

Add time:2021-11-16  

Three-phase watt-hour meter on-site checking instrument is mainly used to grade 0.1 and above all the on-site check of the single, three-phase watt-hour meter, especially increase the three-phase source, can be in the user without load or in the laboratory environment for all kinds of watt-hour meter calibration, double table at the same time, the electric parameter measurement, strain ratio, harmonic testing, wrong wiring discriminant calibration, testing, data storage and query and other functions, 5.7-inch color LCD or touch screen display, Bilingual Chinese and English interface, a variety of power supply options, fully meet customer needs. Technical clamp meter self-calibration function, at any time to ensure the stability of the clamp meter accuracy.

According to the different application site, it can be divided into standard, enhanced, professional and versatile four categories of products:

Standard type: precision 0.2, suitable for most of the single and triple electricity meter test sites above 0.5;

Enhanced: accuracy level 0.1, suitable for level 0.2 and above most single, three electricity meter test places;

Professional type: accuracy level 0.05, suitable for level 0.1 and above most of the single and three electricity meter test sites;

All-purpose: accuracy level 0.05, suitable for all electricity meter test sites above level 0.1, specially designed three-phase source output function, convenient on-site no-load calibration.


1. Verify the electric energy error of all electricity meters and check the constant of all electricity meters;

2. Verify the primary and secondary meters in the same loop or the active and reactive meters in the same loop;

3, calibration voltage, current, power, power factor, phase and frequency electrical instruments and transmitters;

4. Measure the electrical parameters of each phase (U, I, P, Q, φ, F), and measure and display the waveform of three voltages/currents at the same time;

5, automatic detection of clamp meter error changes, each phase self-check between each other, to ensure long-term precision stability of clamp meter and instrument;

6, meter source integrated, large output current 5A, large output power 8VA, in the field without load for energy meter calibration;

7, with analog load, can be any power factor, any current output, the power meter check point comprehensive test;

8. TA ratio was measured, PT and CT secondary load was measured;

9, equipped with 20A, 100A, 500A, 1000A pliers, directly measure the comprehensive error of low pressure measurement;

10, measurement of three-phase voltage, current 2 ~ 51 harmonic, and can store all harmonic data;

11, in the four phase limit to identify any kind of wrong wiring of electricity meter, display any wiring hexagonal diagram, can identify IB access and TV, TA polarity connection is opposite, can also be used as hexagonal

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